Thermal Imaging

1CallInspections has invested in thermal imaging technology to provide our clients with the best possible inspection available within Calgary and surrounding areas. We offer our thermal scanning at no extra charge as this is included in our home inspection package.

The use often infrared camera detects moisture and quickly scanned the interior of this structure that is often cannot be seen with the naked eye. Infrared cameras detect problem areas where there is a maximum loss in energy.

Our detailed report of the inspected property goes beyond simply highlighting the problem areas by providing educated and unbiased analysis with the reasons stating why the problems are occurring. The most common defects are as follows:

  • Moisture Ingress
  • Dampness
  • Missing Insulation
  • Energy Loss

The building obtains Thermal energy from human activity, the sun and atmosphere. Thermal Imaging is an ideal tool to detect deficiencies in your building. Importantly, if done professionally, this is a very effective tool to accurately assess the building (walls, floors, windows, doors and roof) and also provides detail breakdown of the findings. Thermal imaging cameras give very accurate measurements across all surfaces and the benefits of thermal imaging are as follows:

  • Accurate
  • Non-invasive
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Cost effective

1callInspections can provide inspections of your property by using cutting-edge thermal technology to improve energy efficiency, leading to savings on your energy costs. We highlight the unseen and help in valuable decision making.

For further information or quotation please contact us at (403) 835-8002.

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